CLEAR Outcomes Research Program

 Leadership in the healthcare system can have profound effects, both positive and negative, on nurses and other healthcare providers. This ultimately can influence the quality of care that patients receive. Dr. Cummings’ research focuses on the leadership practices of healthcare decision-makers and managers to achieve better outcomes for providers, patients in the healthcare system and residents in long-term residential care.

CLEAR Newsletter June 2017

CLEAR Newsletter 2017


  1. worldviews

    New CLEAR Publication

    October 06 2017

    Impact of managers’ coaching conversations on staff knowledge use and job satisfaction in long-term care settings

  2. JONM

    New CLEAR Publication

    May 05 2017

    Starting Out: qualitative perspectives of new graduate nurses and nurse leaders on transition to practice

  3. elsevier

    New CLEAR Publication

    April 04 2017

    Influence of organizational context on nursing home staff burnout

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